Classes are being offered in person again! 

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Intro to Touch for Health

Top Ten Pain Releasers level 1-  

Top 10 Pain Releasers level 2

Touch for Health level 1-  class June 24-25 or Oct 21-22

Touch for Health level 2-  class July 15-15 

Touch for Health level 3-  class August 19-20 

Touch for Health level 4- class Sept 9-10 

SPM 101 Stress Release Made Easy- 

SPM 102 Your DNA is not your Destiny

SPM 103  Tibetan Energy and Vitality

EMS 201 Mastery of Emotional Stress Release

Crossover class is the entry into the Professional Kinesiology Practitioner program (after completing Touch for Health levels 1-4)

BKP 106-110 only available to those enrolled in the Professional Kinesiology Program and have completed Touch for Health 1-4 and the Crossover class

BKP 106– PKP finger Modes, balancing Protocol, basic database, and active listening

BKP 107– Many pain reduction techniques, assessment and contra-indications

BKP 108-Diet Awareness, food combining and rotation, biogenic foods and history

BKP 109-Reactivity, posture, muscles stretch, sustained muscle use, contralaterals

BKP 110

Stress and Pain Management Certification Program includes all of the following:

Touch for Health 1-4, Crossover, BKP 106, BKP 107, RBT 201, SPM 102, SPM 103, and EMS 201

Touch for Health Vision

by John Thie, DC, founder of the Touch for Health system

“The methods we are presenting in this book are not intended as a panacea for all health problems.  They are not an attempt to keep people away from doctors, drugs, or surgery when they are actually needed.  It is an attempt to prevent needless surgery and medications that is given for the sole reason that patients demand “something must be done” to treat their symptoms. This is an attempt to lower the cost of healthcare for individuals as well as society.  The ever increasing cost, sometimes questionable effectiveness of drugs and surgery, and their dangerous complications and side effects meant that we all need to learn to do more to take care of ourselves.

My original vision as a health professional was to be able to train my patients to be able to help themselves to improve their awareness and participation in their own experience of health, guiding them to naturally support the creation of Wellness in their lives as an alternative to unnecessary and dangerous drugs and surgery.  I developed a simple program of posture and subtle energies through dialogue muscle testing and touch reflexes, that can be used without any previous training.  I wanted to help people to be more aware of their bodies and their miraculous natural capacity to regenerate, adapt and create new experiences and joy.”

Once people understand that the is always HOPE, no matter what their age or physical condition, all that is needed is a pair of loving hands to improve the quality of life.  We do not accept a diagnosis as an absolute determination of the quality of life.  Nor do we accept the idea that a lack of diagnosis or physical cause of symptoms means “there is nothing that can be done.” We cannot believe that we are meant to “just live with” pain and suffering. Ongoing, unexplained pain or symptoms are joykillers that can severely interfere with our wellness. Pain is a messenger that warns us that something is out of balance, and if we just shoot the messenger with painkillers, or simply learn to ignore the warnings, it can lead to major malfunctions and disease.

Taken from Touch for Health, the Complete Edition, 2005, p. Vi, and viii

(If your work is full time ministry please contact me for a discounted rate)

Intro to Touch for Health  $75

This class is a great introduction for those that have had no exposure to Kinesiology or want a gentle introduction to Touch for Health techniques. It is a four hour class that offers simple techniques that you can use on yourself or others and usually see immediate results. Eligible for 4 Contact hours

Top Ten Pain Releasers Part 1   $175

Top Ten Pain Releasers Part I is a fun and powerful workshop that will introduce you to a wide variety of simple and highly effective techniques for relieving stress and pain. Quality muscle testing will be taught along with many skills from Touch for Health kinesiology, polarity, acupressure reflexes, and energy healing. Techniques include auricular massage, meridian tracing, neurovascular emotional balancing, specific neuromuscular reset technique, neurolymphatic massage and the Brazilian Toe Massage.  Eligible for 8 Contact hours

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Touch for Health level 1  $350

Touch For Health 1: This level introduces the concept of energy in the body, the relationship of muscles to meridians, and how to evaluate energy flow through muscle testing. A number of techniques are taught for balancing the basic 14 muscle. Those included are neurolymphatics, neurovasculars, spinal reflexes, meridian tracing, origin-insertion, food and Emotional Stress Release (ESR). Students learn how to balance someone who cannot be tested through surrogate testing, plus techniques to enhance coordination and balance, identify and correct visual movement stress, neurological disorganization (switching) and simple pain relief techniques.  Eligible for 15 Contact hours

Next class June 24-25 or Oct 21-22 2023

Touch for Health level 2  $350

Touch for Health II builds on the skills taught in level 1. Learn 14 new muscle tests and additional corrections especially helpful for back pain, strengthening the core muscles, assessing the legs and neck. The Five Elements theory and Midday/Midnight law from acupuncture will be applied through a process for muscle and meridian corrections. Three self balancing techniques will be taught along with other pain control skills and short cuts to improve efficiency.  Eligible for 15 Contact hours

  1. Next class-July 15-16, 2023

Touch for Health level 3  $350

Touch for Health III goes more in depth with the application of the Five Elements Theory in balancing skills using color and emotions. You will experience how balancing with goals and emotions brings results that are much deeper and longer lasting. Another 14 additional muscles are taught, along with pain tapping, gait testing and acupressure holding points. Chronic muscle problems will be addressed by the Reactive Muscle correction that clears long-standing patterns quickly and permanently in most cases.  Eligible for 15 Contact hours

Next class:  Aug 

Touch for Health level 4  $350

Touch for Health IV This course reviews the 42 muscle balance expanding how to test all muscles both standing and laying. Learn the Tibetan Figure 8 Energy technique and also how to effectively release traumatic muscle memory through the postural stress release method. You will also be shown how to prioritize and utilize all the skills in the TFH system in an easy, practical format.  Eligible for 15 Contact hours

Next class Sept 

Stress Release Made Easy  $175

What is stress, and how does the body respond to it? Understanding this will help you to enable your clients and patients to manage their stress, recharge their energy and recover more quickly from illness and injury.
These simple and powerful techniques show you how to recognize the warning signs of stress, tailor stress management approaches for different clients, increase tolerance of and resistance to stress, and manage stress effectively in everyday life.
Some of techniques covered in this workshop are:

  • Emotional stress release (ESR)
  • Accurate muscle testing
  • Emotional balancing with affirmations
  • Alarm points
  • Meridians and emotions – positive and negative
  • Using affirmations with muscle testing
  • Breathing and stress management
  • Exercise and stress management
  • Nutrition for stress management, health, energy, and vitality
  • Wholefood Supplements for stress management, health, energy, and vitality
  • Long-term stress management
  • Humor and stress management

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Courses require a minimum of 4 people. Your registration will place you on the roster for a class. A deposit of $75 is due 14 days prior to class.

Refund policy: Your prepayment or deposit is transferable to another course within the same calendar year, with a 7 day notification prior to the class date.

Contact me for any policies that create a hardship for you.

Our classes will be held at Haas Wellness Center

                                               3315 Springbank Lane #102 Charlotte, NC 28226