Michelle got interested in integrative health techniques in the late 1990s when Western medicine could not help her daughter with severe food sensitivities.  She took her first Touch for health class in 2000 and saw such amazing results relieving muscular pain that she finished all four levels in the first year and went on to take Professional Kinesiology Practitioner classes.  She has been performing balances since then and has seen amazing results with Touch for Health and other Kinesiology techniques.  Since these techniques were so powerful and didn’t  take a lot of time to get started with, she went back for instructor training so that she could teach others to give them access to these simplified techniques to help relieve their own pain and that of their family and friends.  She have a passion for sharing the information with professionals and lay people alike.  Michelle is internationally certified as a Touch for Health instructor, a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner as well as ICPKP Faculty member,   a Stress and Pain Management Specialist and has additional training in Advanced Specialized Kinesiology techniques, and Healing Touch .

Michelle offers private sessions for clients with the first session lasting at least an hour and a half, more likely two hours unless special circumstances are involved.  Fees are $100/hr.  Travel to a client’s home is an option only with a referral from another client, and a $50 minimum travel fee will be assessed.
Open only by appointment