“Michelle is unbelievable. I am a 36 yo with degenerative disc dz, two herniated discs and spinal stenosis. Otherwise I am healthy and exercise regularly. Every so often my back goes out of line so badly that it becomes difficult to stand, sit, sleep or move at all. You can look at me and see how out of line my body is. When she works on me for even just 15 minutes the results are amazing. There is a huge improvement in my alignment, I can stand up straight and the pain lessens. I believe everyone should get a tune up for longevity, but when you’re hurting and it’s debilitating this is one of the only things that has helped me the quickest. I don’t believe in taking medications that only scratch the surface of the problem. This is an awesome and holistic healing technique that has done more for me than any medicine will ever be able to do. I appreciate what she does for me more than anything. Go see her, she will change your life!!”     –Greer    Registered Nurse, Charlotte NC

I suffered for years from a lower back injury. In an effort to compensate for the pain, I began carrying myself in a way to minimize that pain. Doctors discovered that I weighed 9 pounds more on one side of my body than the other due to the way I was walking because of the pain. I tried chiropractors, acupuncture, spinal blocks, and physical therapy to no avail. I got to the point where I couldn’t lift my left leg to put my pants on by myself. My kids had to help me put my socks and shoes on. Michelle balanced me and THE VERY NEXT DAY I was able to dress myself completely with no help and no pain! It’s been over two years and I still have no pain. I am forever grateful for her work and blessed to call her my friend.”  – Jatana      Teacher, Mint Hill NC

(Jatana was balanced  using mainly the techniques from TFH level 1.  A weekend of learning new  techniques from level one can truly be transformational.)

“You are an amazingly gifted healer.  You have helped me with everything from aches and pains to allergies.  You have helped me when no one else could.  I was miserable with unexplained allergies.  Literally unexplained.  I had been tested and tested.  Multiple doctors including specialists.  The closest they could come was calling it chronic and idiopathic.  Which I found out meant often and without any known cause.  You gave me relief I feared would never come.  You gave the same relief to my wife.  

You have helped me through varied sicknesses and disorders.

You have also helped me to achieve my athletic goals.  I give my 45-year old body quite the beating with Spartan Obstacle Course races.  You keep me running….literally.

What you are able to do is nothing short of magical.  Let’s just say I love the work that you do.  The whole family does.  In all seriousness, thank you for being such a wonderfully gifted person.”    –Matt  Lawyer,  Monroe NC

I went from Ibuprofen, 800mg, three times a day, for 16 days for my arm and shoulder, to needing NO pain medication and feeling 95% better the day you worked on me. And the pain stayed away! I am forever grateful for your healing hands.   – Colleen  Registered Nurse, Charlotte NC